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How To Train Your Dragon 2 will be bigger movie

how to train your dragon

How To Train Your Dragon was one of last year’s biggest surprise hits, with DreamWorks pulling off a CGI animated movie that had both heart and giant, soaring action set pieces.

With a sequel now in pre-production, executive producer Tim Johnson has spoken out about what we should expect. And it sounds big. Like, dragon big.

“It’s a much bigger movie,” he says. “Everyone is already terrified of pulling off the movie. [ Director Dean DeBlois ] had a big pitch two weeks ago and now we’re trying to figure out how we’re going to pull off that story.

“But we’re so early and it’s really about taking a look at the new sets and new characters he’s proposing and figuring out if we can get it all done.”

The producer is aiming for a Fall 2013 release date, which means the sequel will be out just three years after the original film – pretty fast for an animated movie.

Before that, though, we have the TV series to look forward to. Set to have the same “dark, dramatic” feel as the film, the How To Train Your Dragon TV show will air Stateside in 2012, and hopefully here in the UK shortly after that.