Guillermo Del Toro finds Haters

Never one to take a break between movies when he could pluck one of the hundreds of projects he has bubbling in development and direct it, Guillermo Del Toro has announced that he’s added yet another possibility to his list, nabbing the rights to David Moody’s caustic thriller novel Haters.

He’s sold Universal on a pitch to adapt the book, which finds the world chucked into chaos when there’s a sudden increase in violent attacks. The attackers - who the media dub “haters” (you says the name, you wins the prize) – strike seemingly at random, without warning and are always brutal. Passive, ordinary people suddenly become killers for no reason and soon everyone either paranoid, split into groups of haters and victims.

It sounds like meaty stuff for the man who made Pan’s Labyrinth, but of course we’ll have to wait for the strike to end for him to get down to writing. In the mean time, we still have Hellboy: The Golden Army to look forward to...