Go behind the scenes of Ratatouille

If you’ve been watching the trailers for Pixar’s summer release Ratatouille and found yourself thinking, “Hmm… I wonder where I can get a look behind the scenes of that animated release,” we’ve got you covered.

Even if you haven’t (spoilsport), Yahoo Movies has just thrown up a featurettes that has director Brad Bird, Ratatouille’s lead voice (Patton Oswald) and some of the animation team talking up the making of the movie.

In it, you’ll get to see Bird explain why he took on the job of directing the rat-based pic and Oswalt tease him about the one thing his director can’t stand in movies.

Sadly, it’s not exactly in the best format – stupid, jumpy Windows Media – but it does offer the chance to hear snippets of Michael Giacchino’s score and fresh footage from the finished film, alongside scenes being made.

Check it out here .

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