Gibson and Black reunite for Cold Warrior

It’s been quite a few years since Mel Gibson and writer Shane Black worked together.

Their Lethal Weapon 5 never materialised, and Gibson went off for a few years to try out that directing thing.

But now that Gibson has officially put his acting hat back on after a break from standing in front of the camera (reportedly because he was “bored”), the pair are set to tackle a new spy thriller called Cold Warrior .

Black’s script follows a Cold War spy (Gibson) who forgoes his retirement to battle those evil Russians, who are up to no good.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was Black’s last gig, and that proved the guy still has an ear for dialogue and an eye for clever plotting. This sounds like a dream project to us.

Welcome back, guys.

Spies? Guns? Russians? How can you not be amped up for this? Explain below...

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