Ghostbusters comics images arrive

With the recent announcement that a third Ghostbusters outing is in the early stages, excitement for the films is high. And now there’s a comic book based on the ‘busters – with the first artwork turning up online.

Produced by US company IDW and written by Keith Champagne, Ghostbusters: The Other Side will find Pete, Ray, Egon and Winston facing off against some particularly nasty spirits.

How nasty? Try the ghosts of notorious gangsters, including Al Capone and Bugsy Seigal.

Back To Basics

Unlike the ‘80s cartoon spin-off, the comic promises to bring the characters back to their cinematic roots. “It’s just a real back-to-basics approach to the property,” says Champagne. “It’s a different kind of adventure for the team, part adventure, part hard boiled crime drama, plenty of comedy,” explained Champagne. “But the focus is squarely back on the characters we all loved growing up. Which is where it should be.”

For a look at a few pages, check out our gallery. Then head to MTV for the rest.

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