Gerard Butler is The Bricklayer

The news that Gerard Butler is starring in a film called The Bricklayer initially conjures up the prospect of a ghastly, '70s sex comedy in which a leering Butler double entendres his way through the bedrooms of a string of bored housewives.

Now we’ve planted that rather unpleasant image in your minds, you’ll be happy to know that The Bricklayer is in fact an action-packed thriller, in which a former FBI agent returns to the bureau in order to help combat a gang with ever increasing ransom demands.

The film is based on the novel of the same name by former FBI agent Noah Boyd, and Butler has reportedly signed on to play lead character Steve Vail.

The title refers to Vail’s new line of civilian work, so expect at least one scene in which Butler works up a sweat with his shirt off, before being called back to duty by his old employers.

The script is currently being adapted by Enigma writer Hanna Weg, with no director attached as yet. Next to be cast will likely be a female deputy director at the FBI, who ends up tasked to work with Vail following his return to work. Sexual chemistry ahoy…

Source: THR

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