Fox planning adaptation of Mark Millars Kindergarten Heroes

Another Mark Millar comic-book is set to make its way to the big screen, with Deadline reporting that Fox is planning to adapt Kindergarten Heroes for a cinema audience.

After the more adult-themed Wanted and Kick-Ass , Kindergarten Heroes would mark a slight change of pace for Millar’s silver screen outings, being a distinctly family-friendly affair.

As you might have guessed, the series follows a group of super-powered pre-schoolers, whose parents are too busy out saving the world to have time for nappy-changing.

Think Rugrats , but with super-powers and you’re in the right ballpark. One thing’s for certain… none of these pint-sized heroes will be dropping the C-bomb. This is much cuddlier subject material than Kick-Ass .

Carter Blanchard has been commissioned to pen the script, with Simon Kinberg in place to produce. No release date has been set at this stage.

George Wales

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