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First Class gets a Darwin


Charles Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters has enrolled another pupil, with Twilight star Edi Gathegi the latest name to join a cast that’s fast becoming a who’s who of young Hollywood.

Gathegi will play a character known as Darwin, so-named because his mutant power is “reactive evolution”. Basically, his body adapts to survive whatever strife it finds itself in (allowing him to breathe underwater, making him fire resistant in a blaze etc.), which is a mite cooler than your run of the mill super-strength or power of flight.

The first bi-racial mutant in the comic-book series, Darwin was one of the strays taken in by Dr. Moira McTaggert ( an old colleague of Xavier’s who you might recall making a post-credits appearance in The Last Stand ), a possible hint that the film may include a storyline involving her mutant research centre, and it’s eventual corruption.

In any case, it’s another showcase in a major franchise for Gathegi, who appeared in Gone Baby Gone before taking on the role of bloodsucker Laurent in the first two Twilight films.

Meanwhile, rumours persist over Aaron Johnson’s potential casting, with the character of Cyclops one of the last major roles yet to be filled. With filming set to start next month, expect at least one more big announcement sooner rather than later.

A first class addition, or a growing case of too many cooks? Tell us!

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