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Existence 2.0 heading to the big screen

Paramount have roped in Miles Millar and Alfred Gough to adapt the grisly, body-swapping comic Existence 2.0 for the big screen.

The Smallville creators are also named as executive producers of the project, along with Circle of Confusion’s Rick Jacobs.

Existence 2.0 follows the amoral physicist and all round bad egg Sylvester Baladine, who finds his consciousness transferred to the body of the hit-man who has just killed him.

Baladine seems quite happy to waltz around living the life of a hit-man; killing people and having a younger, better-looking body equates to living the dream for Sylvester.

It’s not until he discovers that his estranged daughter is in grave danger that he decides to change his ways and put his (second) life on the line for someone else.

Nick Spencer and Ronald Salas’ graphic novel has all the gory, stylised violence, witty dialogue and pop-culture references necessary to make this a hit. That is if it can avoid falling on the ever-growing scrapheap of failed comic-book adaptations.

Existence 2.0 will be produced by Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes imprint, which has also barbequed many recent horror remakes (and is about to serve up A Nightmare On Elm Stree t ).

Have you had your fill of comic-book adaptations? Or will this restore your faith? Comment!