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Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise star in new Edge Of Tomorrow images

Edge Of Tomorrow has released a pair of new images online, in which Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise prepare for sci-fi combat...

The new film (previously known as All You Need Is Kill ) will star Cruise as a military officer killed in a combat mission against a marauding alien race, only to find himself revived and facing the same day again.

It soon becomes clear that Cruise is doomed to repeat said day, death after death after death, although the flipside is that he might just find a way to cheat the reaper and win the battle.

Blunt will play a fellow military type who lends a welcome hand to his mission, in what sounds like a pleasing mash-up of Groundhog Day and Starship Troopers ...

Directed by Doug Liman and co-starring Bill Paxton and Jeremy Piven, Edge Of Tomorrow will open in the UK on 30 May 2014.

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