Eli Roth talks Hostel II and Grindhouse

Human talk-machine Eli Roth has been discussing his upcoming movie plans, and horror junkies should be grinning wider than a slit throat.

Roth had barely finished confirming that his Grindhouse trailer would be called Thanksgiving, and it would spoof all the ‘80s holiday pictures that we know and love – April Fools Day, Friday The 13th, that John Carpenter one – when he started blabbering about Hostel II.

“I wanted to literally pick up after the next cut, so that you could take out the credits from Hostel and watch one and two back-to-back,” he said. “I really wanted to start off in that creepy place and just stay there. I wanted to have a sense of dread throughout the whole film."

Which sounds very cool indeed, but there is slight disappointment for gore-buffs. Roth has no plans for a third instalment. "I think for right now, I don't want to make a bad Hostel III and I don't want to force it. I feel the story ends at Hostel II and... let's just leave it at that for now."

But if Hostel II does as well as the original, don’t rule out Hostel III, whether it’s Eli Roth motormouthing into a megaphone, or not...