Edgar Wright discusses third Brit flick

Good old Edgar Wright. We love Shaun and Fuzz at tf.com, so the team are currently hugging then releasing each other awkwardly at the news that he's in the early stages of starting the next instalment.

One thing's confirmed - the team won't be jetting off to make the flick. "The third film that me and Simon are going to write is UK set because I think it's very important it's set in the UK, it's intrinsic to what we've done so far."

"We have the idea and it was something that came to me during the press tour; I had a spark of an idea that was based on an old idea I'd had and I was thinking about that. And then I started to think of a new spin of it. I remember we were in Australia and I mentioned it to Simon as soon as I got off the plane and we just started brainstorming it immediately.

Sadly, they haven't put pen to paper yet. "We haven't started writing it yet but we have the plot worked out."

Head over to Rotten Tomatoes to see what Wright thinks of the US Spaced remake (clue: he ain't happy).

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