Dragons ahoy for Eragon

Watching the latest promo for Eragon, we can’t help but get to thinking that the effects team must finally have delivered the majority of the shots. Why? Because the new footage is an FX-heavy spectacle that ditches the Jeremy Irons-flavoured narration in favour of sweeping aerial dragon shots and wide angles of huge fires.

So if your tastes turn to Big Fantasy with Big Dragons, then you may well get a kick out of this new glance at the film, which leans heavily towards Saphira, the dragon ridden by our titular hero. Sienna Guillory giggled to Total Film recently that her reptilian co-star wasn’t always the easiest creature to get along with: “Saphira was an absolute pain. She wouldn’t come out of her trailer, she had to have the biggest room, the biggest car. Total cow. Spoiled.” You’ll be able to read more from Sienna in the next issue. But for now, click here for the trailer.

Eragon arrives in cinemas on 15 December.