DJ Caruso helming Jack The Giant Killer

New Line has hired Eagle Eye director DJ Caruso to make Jack The Giant Killer.

The film takes a grown-up look at the Jack And The Beanstalk fairy tale, according to Variety.

The plot will see a princess getting kidnapped (bloody fantasy princesses – always getting themselves abducted), which throws a long-standing peace accord between men and giants into chaos.

Man on a mission

But instead of calling out the army and equipping them with giant-slaying sticks or something, the world decides to let a young farmer lead a dangerous expedition into the giant kingdom to rescue her.

Darren Lemke wrote the original version of the script, but Die Hard 4.0’s Mark Bombak has just finished a rewrite.

There’s no word on who will take on the role of Jack (we bet regular Caruso star Shia LaBeouf might sit this one out) but our main worry is it just keeps Caruso from getting to work shooting Y The Last Man.

Having seen Eagle Eye, though, maybe that’s a good thing…

[Source: Variety ]

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