Directors show their love for Paris

Those readers who suffer from subtitle allergies; don’t panic. You won’t need to be armed with an A-level in French to watch Paris, Je t’aime, which translates as Paris, I Love You, as a gushing smorgasbord of American and European acting talent is involved in the project.

The movie, which is a collection of 18 short films about finding love on the amorous streets of Paris, features Natalie Portman, Maggie Gyllenhall and Gerard Depardieu, among a long list of others.

As well as a high profile team of thesps, influential directors such as Walter Salles, the Coen Bros and Wes Craven (uh, that can’t be right) have crowded around the camera, vying for lens space.

The film is set to hit limited UK cinemas on 22 June, which gives us plenty of time to brush up on our dodgy French accents.