Dimension buys Rosario Dawson's Occult Crimes Taskforce

Without a doubt, one of the big attractions at this year’s San Diego Comic Con was Rosario Dawson. Whether she was holding the fort with an impromptu Q&A when Kevin Smith was late arriving, pimping her comic book OCT: Occult Crimes Taskforce, or just wandering the dealers’ floor, the geek crowd couldn’t get enough of her.

And thanks to having starred in Sin City and Rent in one year, she was getting plenty of diverse questions. One of the most repeated focused on OCT – when would it be becoming a film? Now we have our answer.

Dimension – for whom Dawson has starred in no less than five films already - clearly likes doing business with her, and has snapped up the rights to Taskforce. The plot finds a detective (Dawson) discovering evidence of a magical underworld, where demons and ghouls are very much real. She’s recruited to become part of the titular Taskforce, which is charged with protecting the public from mystical beasts using all magical means necessary. She becomes the sort of supernatural super cop Harry Potter must dream about being arrested by.

Dimension has yet to lock a writer or director in place yet, but given the built-in fan base and cracking storyline, you’ve got to figure this one will be shoved into high gear development.

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