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Demi Moore part of The Reasonable Bunch

Thomas Haden Church

Demi Moore, Kate Bosworth and Thomas Haden Church have said “I do” to a soon-to-shoot wedding comedy entitled The Reasonable Bunch .

Set in New York, the flick follows a collection of “warring exes” and relatives who all come to blows at a family wedding.

Barry Levinson’s son Sam Levinson is directing, while Martin Landau, Ellen Barkin and Ellen Burstyn flesh out the rest of the film’s cast.

The film seems to be latching on to the dodgy Hollywood trend of setting movies around a nuptial ceremony – for every hysterical Wedding Crashers , there is a horrendous Bride Wars .

Can Levinson’s flick foster some chuckles amid the champagne? Or will this be as much of a downer as a wedding night with a pissed groom? The presence of always-brilliant Thomas Haden Church gives us a sliver of hope…