Damon and Wahlberg punch in for The Fighter

After a few scenes together in The Departed, Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg clearly enjoyed acting alongside each other, as they’re about to sign up for boxing biopic The Fighter.

Snatching its plot from the life of boxer, “Irish” Mickey Ward, and trainer brother Dick Ekklund, The Fighter will follow their tough upbringing in and around the streets of Lowell, Massachusetts, Eklund’s struggle with drugs and Ward’s rise to a world boxing championship.

Apparently, the duo are holding out for a hero – er, or rather a re-write of the script by Paul Attanasio – before committing completely to the film, but they’ve already picked out the parts they want: Wahlberg will throw the punches and Damon will be at ringside with the water, the towel, that ointment they stick on cuts and, of course all the encouraging words.

And Wahlberg’s particularly raring to go… “I've been dying to do a boxing movie my whole career," he told The Hollywood Reporter . "I've been close to doing two, and they kinda fell apart, but it's something I'm very excited about." Let’s hope he’s still excited when that new script lands at his door…

Source: ( The Hollywood Reporter )