Cullens cause Breaking Dawn delay

Over recent months rumour had it that Twilight writer Stephine Meyer's creative demands were causing delays on Breaking Dawn .

In fact it turns out that the actors playing members of the Cullen family have been disputing over salary - apparently unhappy with their share of the spoils.

The films have racked up huge amounts of profit from merchandise alone, and producers are said to be very unwilling to spread the wealth with supporting cast.

With Stewart and Pattinson both earning a ma-hoo-sive $12 million a piece for Breaking Dawn - a whole $10 million more than they were paid for Twilight - Ashley Geene and Kellan Lutz are leading the Cullen clan into a final showdown, asking for an extra $4 million each.

Greene and Lutz, who play Alice and Emmet Cullen respectively, have been offered parts in a selection of more luctrative projects since finding fame in Twilight , and feel that signing to Breaking Dawn could damage their future careers.

The last member of the Twiligh t cast to demand a pay rise was Rachelle Lefevre, and we all know where that got her - a one-way ticket out of Forks...

Do those young vamps deserve more pocket money? Leave a comment!

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