Cruise and Stiller team up for The Hardy Men

Remember Mission: Improbable? The Mission: Impossible II spoof which had us all rolling from our sofas, starring Ben Stiller as a Tom Cruise stuntman/impersonator and Tom as himself? Ace, wasn’t it?

Sadly, since then, both Stiller and Tom’s stars have faded slightly, with Stiller becoming a bit (too) family-friendly (Night At The Museum, anyone?) and Cruise going, well, slightly mental.

Still, the premise of the first flick to bring them back together (if the long rumoured Cruise cameo in Tropic Thunder falls through) since that short sounds superb.

So high-concept you could write it on the back of Keira Knightley’s neck, The Hardy Men sees Cruise and Stiller play grown-up versions of The Hardy boys, once youth supersleuths. Long estranged, they’re re-teamed to solve one last case.

And that’s about it, but already we’re excited. So, come on Tom, come on Ben! We still believe in you!

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