Connelly and Bettany get Born

When casting a married couple in a film, it often helps to cast two stars that are already hitched, or possibly in a relationship – provided they don’t hate each other. We’re reasonably sure Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly are still on good terms – after all, when you’re married to someone who looks like JC, you’d better be on your best behaviour.

So it makes sense to cast the pair in Born, a new psychological thriller that has Daniel Simpson directing a script he wrote with horror maestro Clive Barker and Paul Kaye. Yes, that one – the man formerly known as Dennis Pennis has penned a thriller.

Their story follows a couple that find their dream house in a tranquil English town, only to discover that a nightmare lurks under their noses. Because the husband – a Nick Park type who creates Claymation characters – discovers that his plasticine actors are starring in a nightmare that eventually comes to life.

It all kicks off shooting in August and with producing power from Barker and Guillermo del Toro, this should be one to watch. Particularly if they get Morph to make a cameo…

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