Chris Rock back in the director's chair

Chris Rock must’ve known that karma would get him back at some point. After all, he’s always looking for new material to work into his stand up act. And with TV sitcom Everybody Hates Chris doing well, he knew it would only be a short time before life chucked another road block his way.

This time, though, he’s making it work for him. Rock had been – indeed, still is – attached to star in a remake of French director Eric Rohmer’s 1972 laugh-fest Chloe In The Afternoon, with Mr 3000’s Charles Stone in the director’s chair. I Think I Love My Wife features Rock as a successful professional with a seemingly perfect life – married to Gina Torres (Serenity) and with a daughter. But then the universe throws a spanner into his happy world – a spanner shaped like his ex-flame, played by Kerry Washington. Cue hand wringing and embarrassment, with the usual comic complications.

But now Stone has left the project, without so much as a mention of “creative differences”. What’s a star to do? Why, jump in and replace him, of course. This isn’t the first time Rock has directed – anyone remember Head Of State. Anyone? Oh… Well, this one will probably be better.