Charlize Theron stars in new Dark Places trailer

A new trailer has appeared online for Dark Places, the big-screen adaptation of the novel by Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn, in which Charlize Theron plays a troubled woman haunted by the childhood murder of her family.

Her brother (Corey Stoll) was found guilty of the crime some 25 years ago, with Theron having actually testified against him in court. However, when Nicholas Hoult introduces her to a murder-investigating cult called the Kill Club, it seems that the case might not have been so cut and dried after all.

Take a look at the new trailer, below…

While the story doesn’t have quite the same hook as Gone Girl, there still looks like the germ of a good old-fashioned murder mystery to enjoy here. Throw in a top-notch supporting cast, and we’re more than a little intrigued…

Directed by Gilles Paquet-Brenner and co-starring Tye Sheridan, Chloë Grace Moretz and Christina Hendricks, Dark Places will open in the US on 7 August 2015. A UK date has yet to be confirmed.

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