Bruce Willis' daughter is the new Lindsay Lohan

Forget Lindsay Lohan. According to Perez Hilton, the showbiz insider behind the world’s biggest gossip website, 19-year-old starlet Rumer Willis - daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore - isn't just shaping up to be Hollywood’s leading teen-queen in 2008. She's going to be the leading bad girl, too

“Bruce and Demi’s daughter is going to be the next Hollywood hellraiser,” says Hilton, speaking at the relaunch of ace search engine “She’s already a bad girl and she’s only 18. She dropped out of college after only one semester.”

Not hard to see where Perez is coming from. Rumer’s already been photographed on wild nights out (in one shot, seen sporting a condom in her mouth – classy) and was caught up in a police drugs raid while filming indie comedy From Within.

Having co-starred with Demi Moore (in Striptease) and Brucie (in Hostage), Rumer has three movies out in 2008. We’re looking forward to House Bunny, a comedy written by Legally Blonde script duo which sees Willis as a clueless sorority girl who befriends Playboy bunny Anna Faris after she’s tossed out of Hef’s mansion. Will she wear a dirty vest? Here’s hoping.

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