Bret McKenzie talks The Hobbit

Bret McKenzie has given a brief update on his role in forthcoming fantasy saga The Hobbit , and has helpfully cleared up some confusion that had been plaguing some eagle-eyed LOTR fans.

Before soaring to fame with Flight Of The Conchords , McKenzie popped up in The Fellowship Of The Ring in an unnamed cameo as an elf. The cameo was seized upon once he had become a household name, and the character was affectionately dubbed Figwit by his fans.

When the details of McKenzie’s involvement in The Hobbit were revealed, fanboy ears immediately started twitching. “I've got a cameo as an elf. Or another cameo," explains McKenzie. “My character is called Lindir. I hang out with Elrond... I've got a few lines in Elvish.”

So, could it be that Lindir and Figwit are one and the same?

“You'll probably see, I've got slightly different ears," says McKenzie, helpfully. "That's how I differentiate my elf characters. The big difference for this character is that he's in 3D. He's a character that's a lot more three dimensional.”

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
opens in the UK on 14 December 2012.

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