Blood Rises

Just when you thought the dark days were continuing – and we were to endure ever more announcements about Paul WS Anderson’s (Resident Evil) planned projects – along comes a ray of hope.

That ray is the announcement that Paul Thomas Anderson (Boogie Nights, Magnolia) has firmed up details on his next film, There Will Be Blood.

Daniel Day-Lewis will be starring in the film as a prospector who buys the oil rights to a family’s ranch, and then hits a major pocket of the black stuff. The story spins a tale of greed and faith as Day-Lewis’ prospector gets his chunk of the American Dream and is destroyed by it. Sounds like prime Anderson material.

Based on Upton Sinclair’s 1927 novel Oil, it’ll be produced by Scott Rudin and shooting is scheduled for May in Texas and New Mexico.

Expect William H Macy, Philip Seymour Hoffman and John C Reilly to show up as oil slicks. Okay, kidding – but who wants to bet they’ll appear somehow?