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Blind Side director taking on Electric Boy Genius

Blind Side

Disney have enlisted John Lee Hancock to direct the true-life tale of electro sign language inventor Ryan Patterson with Electric Boy Genius .

Sadly not a Weird Science -inspired '80s-style tale of a boy and his love of electricity, the film instead details the development of a sign language device by 17-year-old Patterson.

Hancock won big in cinemas last year with The Blind Side , which earned Sandra Bullock an Oscar for Best Lead Actress. The film also ‘surprised’ industry heads by drawing in massive female crowds to the trill of $255m worldwide.

The director previously worked at Disney on The Rookie , who are no doubt hoping Hancock can forge another attention-grabbing flick with Boy Genius .

Pulitzer-winning playwright Doug Wright has contributed the script, meaning the project’s already got a bit of a head start. Now who to play the titular clever cloggs?