Bill Murray confirmed for Ghostbusters reboot

Looks like Dan Aykroyd isn’t the only original Ghostbuster set to make a reappearance in Paul Feig’s forthcoming reboot, with THR confirming that Bill Murray has filmed a cameo appearance for the new movie.

Having long sought to distance himself from any potential Ghostbusters sequel, it had seemed doubtful as to whether Murray would crop up in any capacity, but a scene is reportedly already in the can. If it’s even half as good as his Zombieland cameo, we should be in for a treat…

No word as yet regarding who he might be playing, although we know Aykroyd will be appearing as a cab driver. In any case, it’s good to see Murray giving Feig’s film the seal of approval. Looks like busting still makes him feel good after all! Co-starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie McKinnon and Leslie Jones, Ghostbusters will open in the UK and US on July 15 2016.

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George Wales

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