Ben Stiller considered for Chicago 7

After his success with Tropic Thunder, DreamWorks is finding out if Ben Stiller wants to take a crack at drama for The Trial Of The Chicago 7.

Chicago 7 has rapidly become the hottest potato in the DreamWorks development oven, passed along from the big boss (Steven Spielberg) and mooted for more than one previous helmer, including Paul Greengrass.

If he does sign on – and The Hollywood Reporter is quick to point out that DreamWorks is only exploring the idea with him - the film would be a departure for Stiller.

Comedy forte

While the man who made Zoolander has tackled drama in his acting career, he’s mostly stuck to comedy for his stints behind the camera.

Penned by West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin, Chicago chronicles the true-life events of the riots at the 1968 Democratic convention in the city and their courtroom aftermath.

DreamWorks is known to be making the movie a high priority in its post-Paramount era and Stiller is someone that the company wants to keep in business with, so it sounds like a possible marriage made in movie heaven.

Now if only they can stump up a goat for the dowry.