Ben Kingsley and Ryan Reynolds star in first trailer for sci-fi thriller Self/less: watch now

The first trailer has arrived online for Self/less, Tarsem Singh’s sci-fi thriller in which Ben Kingsley’s dying billionaire transfers his consciousness into Ryan Reynolds’ “empty vessel”.

The process is sold to Kingsley by Matthew Goode’s slippery scientist, which should be a huge red flag that things aren’t going to turn out well…

Sure enough, despite the initial novelty of rediscovered youth, it soon becomes clear that the process of shifting one’s consciousness between bodies has some rather unwelcome side effects.

Take a look at the new trailer, below…

Ryan Reynolds is no stranger to the body-swap genre but while The Change-Up played it for laughs, this one is going down the action route, with the host body tooling up and rebelling against its new occupant…

Directed by Singh and co-starring Michelle Dockery, Natalie Martinez and Victor Garber, Self/less will open in the UK and US on 31 August 2015.

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George Wales

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