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Zack Snyder reveals Justice League's new-look Batmobile with lots and lots of guns (naturally)

Does Zack Snyder really understand Batman? First he was gun-toting in the Snyder-verse and now Bats has a brand-new, weapon-laden Batmobile that would make a small army blush. In the latest change for the upcoming Justice League, Snyder has revealed Batman’s new-look Batmobile. And it’s got guns. Lots and lots of guns.

Posted onto social media app Vero, the first glimpse of the new Batmobile comes with the understatement of the year from Snyder, “Upgrades… what are you worried about Wayne.”

So, what changes have been made? The turret on the front has (mercifully) vanished but Gotham’s criminals can’t rest easy just yet: it’s been replaced by some sort of rocket ballistic system. That’s not even taking into account the, count ‘em, three (!) other turrets that Bruce Wayne will be packing. I guess killing otherworldly threats won’t break the Caped Crusader’s ‘no killing’ rule?

Aesthetically, the Batmobile is a lot less sleek and more angular. Think 1989’s Batmobile on Snyder steroids and you’re pretty close. It fits in nicely with the doom-and-gloom world that Snyder has crafted.

Are we all on board with Snyder’s murder-y Batmobile? My head says no but my heart wants more explosions. 

Images: Warner Bros/Zack Snyder

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