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You won't sleep tonight after watching The Witch trailer

The directorial debut of Robert Eggers already caused a stir when it debuted to rave reviews at this year's Sundance Film Festival, with word now beginning to spread online thanks to the release of its first full-length trailer. The Witch takes place in 17th-century New England, as a young family flees the confines of the church for a new life on a remote settlement edging a spooky forest.

Eggers' film arrives at a time when fairytales, myths, and legends are being continually mined for movies and TV, yet his approach boasts a far more fearful - and downright terrifying - edge, particularly when the family's baby gets snatched. See for yourself:

Makes the Roald Dahl adaptation film starring a barely-recognisable Anjelica Huston look positively fluffy, doesn't it? The Blair WHO Project? Ahem. All joking aside, Eggers and his cast appear to be onto an absolute winner here, from the cleverly-crafted scares to the sense of foreboding that settles in before the terror starts.

There's no confirmed release date for The Witch but it's expected to creep into cinemas sometime in 2016.

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