Wednesday News Link-A-Mania

Freddy's Back
Mightily-manicured dream demon Freddy Krueger is set to make a big screen comeback in a film knocked together by Michael Bay's production company, reports Variety . Bay and his partners in Platinum Dunes have been given the task of relaunching the franchise by Newline. The Variety story suggests that Robert Englund, the original Freddy, won't be putting on the razor fingernails this time round. The director will be Marcus Nispel who gave us the updated Texas Chainsaw Massacre, while the script (which won’t get written until the writers' strike is over) is courtesy of the team who gave us Freddy Vs Jason (don’t get too excited).

Platinum is already prepping a new Friday the 13th for Newline as well, while its projects for other companies include an exorcism thriller from writer/director David (Blade) Goyer, a remake of Hitchcock's The Birds by director Martin (Casino Royale) Campbell and a remake of Near Dark.

Knight Rider Clips
Sci Fi Wire has some behind-the-scenes video footage from new Knight Rider TV movie, including interviews with the cast.

Y Will it be a Trilogy
DJ Caruso, director of the upcoming big screen version of the comic Y: The Last Man tells USA Today that the original plan was to squeeze the entire series into one movie, but that now the film will cover the first 14 issues of the comics, leaving the door open for a trilogy.

Bond's Bad Christmas
Denise Richards – Dr Christmas Jones in The World is Not Enough – has been named Worst Bond Girl in a poll by Entertainment Weekly . The rest of the top (or should that be bottom?) 10 goes like this:

2) Tanya Roberts – Stacey Sutton, A View to a Kill
3) Corrine Clery – Corrine Dufour, Moonraker
4) Maryam d'Abo – Kara Milovy, The Living Daylights
5) Karin Dor – Helga Brandt, You Only Live Twice
6) Britt Ekland – Mary Goodnight, The Man With the Golden Gun
7) Carey Lowell – Pam Bouvier, License to Kill
8) Lois Chiles – Holly Goodhead, Moonraker
9) Lynn-Holly Johnson – Bibi Dahl, For Your Eyes Only
10) Maud Adams – Octopussy, Octopussy