Wednesday News Link-a-Mania

Jericho: an end or a new beginning?
Jericho’s executive producer, Carol Barbee, tells Sci Fi Wire that she'll know very soon whether the show will return again after its seven-episode mini-series kicks off next month. "I'm just guessing here, but I would imagine that probably, they usually start to have an opinion around the third airing, so usually by then your fate can be sealed in terms of it not going well," says Barbee said. "They may wait another week or so if it is going well for us to order more."

The show may actually benefit from the writers' strike. Originally it was cancelled because of low ratings, but won a reprieve after a campaign by its fans. Next month it'll have far less competition in terms of drama, which may attract more viewers, desperate to escape wall-to-wall reality and chat shows, to the post apocalyptic series.

X-Files movie picture spoilers has some very spoilery pics from the set of the new X-Files movie, which may give an insight into what the main "monster" could be. Unless, of course, it's just some minor part of the plot. Who knows, but proceed with caution.

Building the Enterprise
Check out this site for a fun new piece if viral marketing for Trek XI. It’s kinda like "live" CCTV footage from the construction of the Enterprise. Not much to see now, but we’re sure it'll pick up. Or maybe you just need to be there at the right moment...?

Watchmen score
Coming Soon reports that 300 composer Tyler Bates will provide the scores for both Watchmen and the remakes of The Day The Earth Stood Still.

Sarah Connor too weedy?
A feminist-flavoured Sarah Connor fan group has criticised Lena Headey for being too skinny for the title role in The Sarah Connor Chronicles, reports Guardian Unlimited . A group called The Sarah Connor Charm School, which describes itself as "an art project focused on physical feminist empowerment", has posted pictures comparing Hamilton and Headey's back muscles on its website , and a spokeswoman for the group says, "We were very upset to find out that a very thin and non-athletic actress had been chosen out of, supposedly, hundreds to play a role that we as physical feminists found so inspiring. We see this as yet another example of the media trying to inspire women to be thin."