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Vote for your favourite Bond moment!

Perhaps you’ve heard, James Bond turned 50 this year.

So what better way to celebrate the half-century since his cinematic debut in 1962’s Dr No than by telling us your favourite on-screen moments?

There are, of course, so many to choose from. Pay-off lines. Innuendos. Fights. Chases. Gadgets. Cars (but only the visible ones). Stroked pussies.

Below we have listed 80 ear-catching, eye-scorching moments to jog your memories. All you need to do is pick your favourite (or favourites – you can select up to five) from the list.

Feel free to choose your own moments if we haven’t listed them! But please, not Roger Moore snogging Tanya Roberts in A View To A Kill

The results of the vote will run in the August Issue of Total Film magazine, out 6 July.

Greatest Bond moments