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Vin Diesel slays his way through The Last Witch Hunter trailer

The Last Witch Hunter sees Vin Diesel starring as Kaulder, the man responsible for ridding the world of the Queen of the Witches. His actions come with an irksome repercussion: the curse of immortality, which prevents him from reuniting with his wife and daughter in the afterlife.

The fantasy actioner finds Diesel facing his former enemy when the Queen is resurrected from the dead, forcing Kaulder to travel into a dream realm to put a stop to her evil revenge mission. He's not alone in his quest, with Elijah Wood, Rose Leslie and Michael Caine - yes, Michael Caine - on hand to assist him against the forces of darkness. Check out the trailer below:

A mixture of action (flaming swords!) and gothic fantasy (did we mention the flaming swords?) is spliced with some romantic undertones. You can't have a hunt without a post-scrap smooch. Directed by Brett Eisner, The Last Witch Hunter opens in the US and UK on October 23.

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