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Tweets Of The Week

If you’re on Twitter you couldn’t have helped but notice the deluge of Eurovision and BAFTA tweets flooding streams this weekend. Unfortunately, sci-fi shoulder pads and a brief appearance by Lordi aside, there was nothing particularly sci-fi about Eurovision. Neither were the BAFTAs sci-fi heavy this year, with only The Fades and Psychoville scooping awards.

Of course if it’s sci-fi you want make sure you’re following @ SFXmagazine , @ comicheroesmag and this handy list of SFX writers . Last weekend but one we were at Kapow! comic convention, reporting from the show floor.

Ah, who are we kidding waffling on about Eurovision and giving our own Twitter accounts a SHAMELESS PLUG. It’s been over a week since Dan Harmon left Greendale for good, and we’re still quite sad about it, so we’re dedicating this week’s extended Twitter round-up to our favourite show on TV that isn’t sci-fi:

@ alisonbrie I'm in creative debt to @danharmon who let us ride the coattails of his integrity, pushing boundaries %26 making f'ing awesome tv. Thanks Dan.

Heavy sigh... RT @WeLuvAlisonBrie : #sixseasonsandweloveyoudanharmon

@ joelmchale . @danharmon you are a true genius. You gave me the role of a lifetime %26 three of the best years of my life. Buying #Prototype2 today.

@ DamonLindelof Speaking of Community... I humbly propose a new hashtag: #FourSeasonsAndTwoMoreADecadeFromNowOnNetflixTHENaMovie

@ GillianJacobs I wholeheartedly agree with @joelmchale . I'm so grateful to @danharmon for my role, the show and everything else. Thank you, Dan. Thank you.

@ yvettenbrown . @danharmon So many thoughts. So little room. I guess, "I heart you" and "Thank you to INFINITY" will have to do for now. #Community #Love

@ dannypudi I'm in Amsterdam trying to avoid news. Thank you @danharmon for your imagination. You gave us Community and you gave me a beautiful gift.

@ RashisTVUgly I owe the last 3 amazing years 2 Dan Harmon's brain. Bless ur dementedly awesome brain, @danharmon . U r #Community .

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ ChrisChibnall So exactly what did #TheFades have to do to get a second series? #BAFTAs #GoodLuckWithDramaNowBBCThree

@ MattStrevens1 Little treat for Misfitters. Joe and his Rudy doubles. #Misfits

@ MatthewMcnultys England's finest...

@ BRIANMBENDIS the pilot for Arrow is like watching batman begins the tv show... i mean EXACTLY like watching batman begins the tv show. i mean, exactly.

in the Arrow pilot guess how many times a bad guy sarcastically says: missed. only to find out that green arrow DIDN'T??

@ andrewstanton NYT Headline: "Doctor Who Helped Find Bin Laden Is Given Jail Term" Well, of course, when you have a Tardis you can find anyone. #duh

@ MarcW As of today, 2:54 pm PST the last VFX shot for The Amazing Spider-Man delivered.

@ 007 It's a wrap! #SKYFALL

Read on for more of the week's top tweets...

@ DamonLindelof LOST died two years ago today. And it was not dead the whole time... I promise. Thanks for remembering, gang.

@ JoshSchwartz76 Chuck fans -- a must buy! Fedak just sent me this link:

@ neilhimself What a 1960s Hammer film of SANDMAN poster might have looked like:

@ warrenellis FAQ: Me, IRON MAN 3 and IRON MAN: EXTREMIS - [for those who missed my Twitter comments on the subject]

@ Dichenlachman I think @EnverGjokaj would make a better pole dancer than me but I'm going to work my ass off.

@ DavidBlue Before you prejudge any sci-fi movies nowadays, let's remember that Star Trek IV was about humpback whales.

@ NoelClarke Isn't the HULK just a walking penis? (Soft, only involved when needed - Gets stimulated - Then gets big, angry, mindless and smashes things

@ pattonoswalt I'm watching a horror movie about a man who dies in a grisly car accident but whose soul is trapped in a FUCKING SNOWMAN. #terrifying

@ Markgatiss Alright! Stop asking! THIS is what Dario Argento's door knocker looks like.

And there's more, including a dog dressed up like Spider-Man!

@ grumpygamer I've already beat Diablo III. And by "beat" I mean got logged on to their servers.

@ neilhimself I wrote the whole English script, songs & all, but people miss that. RT @ClumsyPrinter : You adapted the songs for Princess Mononoke?

@ KermodeMovie Re stories of Exorcist TV series - Blatty tells me he wasn't 'consulted, or even told about it', and as such it does 'not have my blessing'.

@ juliebenz running lines for #Defiance with @MsJaimeMurray and she just told me I remind her of an angry Ewok... #notwhatiwasgoingfor

@ nickjfrost Snow White and The Huntsman premiere tonight! #dwarvesassemble

@ DavidBlue Okay, it's been 8 episodes. When does the guy from #Awake become a Death Eater?

@ EmilyroseLA A lil video from set to warm your hearts. Nothin special just a glimpse of today #Haven3

@ theThomasDekker a "secret" dinner with a circle of friends @shelleyhennig @1PhoebeJTonkin @RealBritt_Rob @JParkerK

@ JamesGunn The only thing I love more than Batman is my dog.

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