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Tweets Of The Week

Jensen Ackles topless? Is Mark Hamill really done with the Joker? Whose shirt did Russell T Davies once declare "a bit gay"? All answered in this week's tweets

There’s been a lot of talk in recent weeks that Mark Hamill would be hanging up his microphone and walking away from the Joker after his last laugh in the brilliant, brilliant Arkham City . Can’t say we blame him, talk about going out on a high. But it seems you can’t keep a good clown down, at least if his recent comments on Twitter are anything to go by:

@ HamillHimself I'd come back for THAT! Spread the word! Campaign for # TheKillingJoke !! RT: @Cha_Luz # DC lets see # TheKillingJoke Mark said he’d voice Joker

As if that wasn’t enough, look what happened when a fan asked Hamill if he would be returning to Seth Green’s Robot Chicken in the future:

@ HamillHimself All it would take is a phone call from @SethGreen . Love that show! @grilledsteez81 2 : do u have any up and coming work with robot chicken?

@ HamillHimself Exciting news for a major DC geek like me! RT: @SethGreen We just announced RC/DC, so...

Maybe we’re reading too much into this, but we’d be surprised if Hamill is ready to walk away from the Joker just yet…


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ joe_hill Things get dated so quickly nowadays. The references to MySpace in HEART-SHAPED BOX instantly mark it as a book from the mid-00s. # 1book140

@ bergopolis We officially closed down the # Eureka writers office yesterday. Many thanks to our amazing staff, cast, crew, and fans for a great ride.

@ TimOfLegend I keep watching Ringer, hoping it turns into Buffy. But I think it's leaning more towards Gossip Girl.

@ mishacollins I'm not normally one to talk about coworkers, but Jensen jus let me take this picture of him shirtless.

@ neilhimself The 15th Anniversary NEVERWHERE. And my just-arrived copy thereof.

It's October. Time to remind you that you can listen to all The Graveyard Book read by me for FREE at (let people know)

@ leeunkrich Not sure the @RottenTomatoes algorithm is so hot if these are the kinds of movies it's recommending to me...

@ MitchBenn I do hope none of the papers who ran full front page photos of a mutilated corpse today ever complain about TV or video game violence again.

@ AllCharisma Just read all the tweets about my episode of # Supernatural w/ James. The feedback was so supportive. TY 4 watch in! We had a blast! Tell?

@ warrenellis All luck and best wishes to the Marvel Comics staffers who were pointlessly laid off today.

@ jamesmoran Am wearing my slightly sparkly shirt that RTD once declared "a bit gay". This just doubles its awesomeness.

@ Paul_Dini Strange. So many animators and gamers I know are sick today. Sounds like the Arkham flu is going around. Only one cure - keep playing!

@ THEBRYANHITCH Akira changed the way I thought about telling stories and is still a touchstone.

@ MillaJovovich Ok, so this is SO SNEAKY!! I can't show a pic of Bingbing in costume, but here's a pic w the Ada haircut! (cont)

@ sutterink congrats @GunnerGale and @glenmazzara for the RATINGS BEHEMOTH that is WALKING DEAD. amazing numbers! fucking zombies, who knew?

@ emmacaulfield note to my boyfriend. if zombies have taken over and i think you're dead,I'm still not shagging your best friend. love, not a whorebag.

@ russelltovey "Midnight in Paris" jokingly predictable... It's like a really flat episode of Doctor Who... Weird x

@ DamonLindelof My, how far we've come.

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