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Tweets Of The Week

Jared Padalecki joins Twitter, why Bryan Fuller is the “GREATEST HUMAN ALIVE” and what the writers of Star Trek 2 do in their down time in this week’s tweets

A big part of the celebrity-stalking joy on Twitter is using the social networking megalith to eavesdrop on conversations between celebrity chums. Take for example this glorious exchange between Lost ’s Damon Lindelof and Pushing Daisies ’ Bryan Fuller, reacting to news reports Lindelof has sold a script to Disney for a seven figure sum.

@ DamonLindelof The seven figures are: Jawa (vinyl-caped), Han in Hoth gear, Bossk, Lobot, Greedo, Admiral Ackbar and Obi-Wan (with telescoping saber).

@ BryanFuller These seven figures?


@ DamonLindelof This is why you are the GREATEST HUMAN ALIVE. x


We couldn’t have said it better.

In other news you may have heard ear-drum bursting screams of joy echo around Twitsville over the past week. That’s because Supernatural ’s Jared Padalecki has signed up and taken to posting pictures of himself looking hairy, drinking in a bar and getting a piggy back from his wife. Hey, it’s early days yet! We’re rather in awe at the name his Supernatural co-star @ mishacollins has come up with for his followers:

@ mishacollins Hey, @ jarpad , I've found a good handle for your twitter followers. It's got a nice ring that captures the spirit. We'll call 'em "Maxi-pads" Gross.


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ neilhimself And for those asking, No, 6 years of AMERICAN GODS on TV doesn't mean just the 1st book. It means I need to write the 2nd now, for a start.

@ David_Boreanaz When does True Blood start up? I'd like to Direct an epp of that... x

@ pattonoswalt @ PLOTthickenr : @ pattonoswalt @ elizadushku seeing you two tweeting makes me miss DollHouse // Think of our Tweets as Season 3

@ Mruff221 Bruce Banner is looking promising, everyone. Today was the first time I turned in to the great green one. It is going to badass.

@ ZacharyLevi At the Sony press conference. Just saw new Bioshock Infinite trailer. I likey. I wanty.

@ RealReeceShears Me, in Hoity Toity's - posing as the owner of a similar "local" shop:

The Silent Singer emerges for the first time (on set photo) :

Re a third series... the dust has to settle, and the BBC will decide. Not up to me and Steve. x

@ steven_moffat Only one death threat, two demands for my immediate resignation, and two for my suicide. IT'S A HIT!!

@ EddieMcClintock Better than a kick to the groin! The #WAREHOUSE13 comic book. Coming soooooooooooooon!!

@ neveldinetaylor not sure where the last one came from, but this GR comes from nightmares x

@ rainnwilson Inspired by X-Men First Class, more and mor franchises are being re-imagined with younger casts. Next up? "Twilight, Elementary School."

@ Daniel_Logan Redoing the Geonosis Area scene from Episode II. Remember it being a bit bigger. Guess I have grown!

@ TheRealStanLee The talented (actor, writer, producer!) Bob McNeill and I discussed my doing a cameo in "Chuck!" And if that ain't worth a post, what is!

@ jock4twenty new cover -- x

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