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Tweets Of The Week

An epic Supernatural shot, Steven Moffat’s Matt Smith paradox and find out why Nathan Fillion is a happy chappy in this week’s tweets

There must be few things more knee-knocking for a director than the dreaded opening weekend. Most, it seems, bury their head in the protective bubble of friends, family or work, not to be heard from again until the next publicity drive. Not Duncan Jones though, who took to Twitter to drum up support for the opening weekend of his latest movie Source Code .

@ ManMadeMoon Off to bed now! In the lap of the gods now, or rather in the lap of... YOU! *turns slowly to point straight out of the screen at you*

Jones is one of the most adept Tweeters among modern movie makers, responding to his small army of fans, and the odd celebrity admirer with equal vigour:

@ ManMadeMoon Im rubbing my eyes seeing William Gibson tweet that he liked both my movies. Gibson brought SciFi into the 21st century for me.

He even decided to use the social networking site to announce his next project. Sort of:

@ ManMadeMoon With Source Code now out, and speculation about what I'm up to next, I'm really excited to be able to announce my next movie... ...Ater the incredible reaction to David Fincher's Social Network, & my love of gaming, I'm incredibly excited to be working on Pacman!

Count us in!


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ radiomaru realizing the reason i'm in love with Lincoln Lee from FRINGE is cause he reminds me of a young Callum Keith Rennie

@ NathanFillion I'm with @ ZacharyLevi , planning the #NerdHQ for Comicon. Tempting me w talk of Firefly panels...

@ Jon_Favreau Foggy would have had a love scene. RT @ lagranderusty : hey Jon if you directed Daredevil what would you have done differently?

@ simonpegg Well wasn't I a lucky boy yesterday. After arriving in NZ I went to visit a little friend who lives in a very small house. #perksofthejob .

@ SethGreen Confirmed: I'm reprising my Joker role in #MassEffect3 . I look forward to completing many more missions with you sir, or mademoiselle.

@ steven_moffat Just coming out of an edit. The extraordinary thing about Matt Smith is that, of all the Doctors, he's the best at being OLD.

@ DAVID_A_SLADE Have forensics procedural cop zombie TV pitch. Any studio execs interested ? Call my agent. Working title "CSIZ" Logline: Law, order, decay

@ murraygold I've never had such a GREAT response to a piece of music. Thank you SO much. I'd have been even happier if I'd written it.

@ DavidBlue At our current rate, in 15 years there'll only be two TV genres: reality shows %26 behind-the-scenes documentaries about those shows.

@ MarkChrLawrence Buy More SuperHero!

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