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Tweets Of The Week

Captain America casting, Doctor Who wrap party, Scott Pilgrim and more set the Twitterverse alight this week

As usual this week, Marvel big man Joe Quesada teased us yet again by reminding us that he has what is officially The Best Job In The World. “Had the pleasure of walking through the Cap[tain America] art department,” he Twittered. “Mindblowing stuff and the costume, WOW!” That wasn’t all: “I soooo want to tell you all about this thing that happens in the Cap movie that will have everyone on their feet cheering, but I can’t.” He went on: “I suck I know, but think about how hard it is on my end to keep from bursting and telling you all the amazing stuff I’m seeing!” We do appreciate you sharing, Joe, but that doesn’t stop us from lovingly hating you sometimes...

Meanwhile, Ultimates artist Bryan Hitch reacted to the news of Chris Evans’ casting as Cap (and managed to resist the jokes about Steve Rogers being played by a jumped-up ginger breakfast DJ): “Cap will make him a star,” Hitch tapped away. “Anybody who thinks he’ll make Cap like Johnny Storm is forgetting how acting works. Looking forward to seeing him.”

The Doctor Who wrap party was held on 20 March and Dalek operator and Big Finish writer Nicholas Pegg titillated us as to what to expect from Matt Smith’s first season: “Sipped sonic screwdrivers and munched on Dalek bread. We’ve just watched some clips from the new series. Oh my goodness, people, we’ve a serious treat in store!” Us mortals only have less than a week to wait now...

Greg (JJ’s best mate) Grunberg Twittered a piece of chat-up advice by referencing his old mate's first big TV show: “Guys!! Just heard my buddy Matt from @LundbeckInc uses this pick-up line that works everytime: ‘Can you BELIEVE they cancelled Felicity ?’”

Meanwhile, William Shatner shared this touching message to the world: “I’m thinking about priorities again; top priorities. What is yours? Mine is love. Sounds cliché, but it's true.” Thanks, four-times divorced William Shatner.