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Tweets Of The Week

The Twitterverse goes Doctor Who crazy, but there’s some room for Ashes To Ashes and Kick-Ass too

So, what else have SF’s Twitterers been up to? Jane Espensen has been getting irritated by people who talk about her old show while knowing nothing about it: "People who say the one thing they don’t get about Buffy is how she became a vampire have more than one thing they don't get about Buffy,” she moaned. What else? Oh, Simon Pegg finished filming of his Burke and Hare film by acting opposite a genuine film legend: “Just shot scenes with Sir Christopher Lee. 89 years old and insisted on sticking around for off-camera lines. What an absolute gentleman”. And Misha Collins was having harrassment issues: “Just got off a plane. The guy sitting next to me, i think his name was @jumblejim kept stroking my thigh & saying ‘you’re so firm.’”

Finally, Ashes To Ashes ’s final season has finally been given an airdate - Friday 2 April. Matthew Graham was appearing polite about the slot (is Ashes really a Friday night programme? Discuss): “To All - I am sanguine about an April 2nd airdate. I love this final series and if people watch it as well then all the better. Enjoy. xx”. Dean Andrews who plays Ray though was, er, less pleased: “Sanguine is one word for it my friend. I have many others for it...” Why BBC schedulers would want to get on the wrong side of Ray Carling, I don't know...