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Tweets Of The Week

Which sci-fi show will get a Kickstart next? Sherlock drops by The World’s End edit and Eliza Dushku (sorta) kisses a zombie, all in the latest Tweets of the Week

“Blessed are the meek:
for they shall inherit the earth.”
Matthew 5:5

Forget the meek, if the success of the Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter is anything to go by (over $3.5 million raised in four days), it’ll be the geeks that are running this lump of rock before too long. Naturally, when a series as niche as Veronica Mars makes such a staggeringly large amount of money in such a short space of time you’ve got to wonder – what sci-fi and fantasy shows could get a similar treatment?

Joss Whedon has already ruled out a Firefly Kickstarter until at least he and Nathan Fillion aren’t the busiest men in movies/TV (just imagine what a mind-bogglingly large sum a new series of Firefly could raise) , but the creators of several beloved sci-fi series have taken to Twitter to talk about the prospect of bringing back their shows from the dead.

@BryanFuller I'M CERTAINLY GOING TO TRY. Bryan Fuller Might Kickstarter a Pushing Daisies Revival

@JoshSchwartz76 Feels like a #Chuck movie would cost about $120 million. Big action set pieces. Plus we'd have to CGI Morgan's beard.

@Josh_Friedman All u asking about a TSCC kickstarter...rights situation, budget necessities, motivation of corporate entities make it HIGHLY unlikely.

In other news, reason #12,862 why we love Twitter – directors Rian Johnson and Duncan Jones talking about their youth’s spent playing The Bard’s Tale , Ultima and Elite . Gawd bless the internets.

@ManMadeMoon @rianjohnson classics! Those and the Ultima games.

@rianjohnson @ManMadeMoon So good. When I think about all the time I spent mapping mazes on graph paper...

@ManMadeMoon @rianjohnson me too. Between that and writing out price lists for planets in Elite, its amazing I ever saw the sun.

The SFX Twitter Stream

@edgarwright Oh hey. Look who just swung by the 'World's End' edit...

@simonpegg Playing ZombiU on the WiiU. Delighted to discover my first weapon is a cricket bat.

@JewelStaite Boyfriend: "Of COURSE I saw the rest of Firefly. What's that hat?" Me: "Jayne wore it, remember?" Him: "Oh yeah. Which one was she again?"

Browncoats, I get that u want me to dump boyfriend. But boyfriend is also a doctor trying to cure cancer. We would look bad for doing that

@SamWitwer My deepest respect and gratitude @TheCloneWars cast and crew. #CloneWars

@jamesmoran Me as a zombie, tragically cut from CvsZ: RT @myglasseye :

@MuchAdoFilm Joss: to celebrate our joyous SXSW BusAdo experience, here's my first pic from the first day of rehearsal. Magic.

@BryanSinger Planning future battles. #XMen #DaysofFuturePast

Worry not, there's more Tweety goodness on page 2!

@KickAss2News Mother-Fucker, Mother Russia %26 Colonel Stars %26 Stripes chill behind the scenes of #KickAss2 . @MintzPlasse @JimCarrey

@wescraven Great celebration for special makeup effects master Greg Nicotero's 50th birthday last night. Somehow he doesn't look a day over 30...

@MsJaimeMurray It really dug in! RT @musingsofaraven is it me, or does Jaime's #Defiance bath outfit look like the crucifixion outfits from Life of Brian?

@amandatapping I think I'm allowed to say that I am directing episode 12, season 2 of @ContinuumSeries . If I'm not, then shhhh. ( I'm so excited!! ) Xo

@SethMacFarlane Remember when Bradley Cooper was Bamm-Bamm?

@DannyTRS Met some cool actors, making the script sing!! RT @prouty : @DannyTRS Hey Dan... how're things going with Y? Really looking forward to it.

@ManMadeMoon I AM THE LAWN!

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