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Tweets Of The Week

The Oscars go Star Trekkin , the Avengers reassemble and much, much more in the latest Tweets of the Week

Oscar weekend means one thing: Twitter feeds around the world filled with running commentaries of every twist and turn at the world's biggest movie awards ceremony. Due to a shortage of sci-fi and fantasy nominees (seriously, how did Looper not get nominated for best original screenplay?) at this year's bash many of the best tweets fall outside SFX ’s remit, however, the show’s unexpected Star Trek obsession proved without a doubt that the Academy clearly have sci-fi at heart:

@SethMacFarlane The Oscars is basically the Kobayashi Maru test.

@WilliamShatner Well I'm upset at @SethMacFarlane . He lured me to Hollywood tonight saying he had a part for me in the new Star Trek movie! Liar! ;-)

@kyle_newman RT if you are still peeved that @WilliamShatner was sporting Trek II circa garb... while sitting on a TNG set.

@pattonoswalt RAY BRADBURY WILL NEVER DIE #Oscars

@ninadobrev In bed with @kevwilliamson and @iansomerhalder #oscarweekend #anythingcanhappen

@rainnwilson My favorite part of Life of Pi was the CGI Indian dude.

The SFX Twitter Stream

@MattStrevens1 These Daleks do like to gossip on a Monday morning.

@Markgatiss Just lining up that tricky Yeti shot...

@MsJaimeMurray We MUST find out @DefianceWorld RT @SandieKoukla so, there's no word for clitoris in castithian?

@MoTancharoen Editing #SHIELD .

@SamWitwer Let the vampire win. #RanchoObiWan

@oliviawilde I know we're all playing it cool about the "meteor" (ALIENS) that crashed into us the other day but feel free to share your sightings here.

@charltonbrooker Hope they announce Shaq-Fu 2 #fingerscrossed #PS4

@HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN I'm so happy.

@DAVID_A_SLADE I friendly note to hollywood screenwriters: If you're going to write Science Fiction, its probably a good idea to know a bit about science.

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