Tuesday Link-A-Mania

It's news! The revelation of the remaining Cylon will be before the final episode of new Battlestar Galatica, Ronald D Moore tells SciFi Scanner ("It will never be as powerful as the build-up. I resigned myself to that a long time ago. The 'Who Shot JR' of it all is an instructive lesson… I decided that precisely because of that, it wasn't going to be in the final episode. I didn't want that to become the entire series"). Visit SciFi Scanner for the rest.

It's news! Hercules to be a magic cop? The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Kevin Sorbo is to star in a sci-fi thriller movie called Paradox, in which he plays a detective (who rides a flying horse ) on a parallel world where magic still works, but science is unknown. The screenplay is based on a three-issue limited comic written by Christos Gage. More over at The Hollywood Reporter .

It's news! Two minute clip inside Joss Whedon's Dollhouse available now - check out this post on io9 . Eliza Dushku looking good! Don't forget you can read more about Dollhouse including exclusive interviews with Dushku and Whedon in the latest SFX , on sale now.