Sunday Link-A-Mania

Item! SCI FI Wire has some exclusive concept art from the new Stargate spin off, Stargate Universe. You can see pics of what the new space ship (at the heart of the Trek-style ongoing exploration mission) might look like. The series is due next summer.

Item! Fresh on the heels of rumours that Paterson Joseph could be the next Doctor, sci-fi blog site io9 has a piece about why Stephen Fry should instead get the role when David Tennant finally moves on. They reference this post of ours , in which Fry writes about his Doctor Who memories.

Item! Variety has posted the new trailer for the Friday the 13th remake . Now, arguably the first Jason Voorhees movie isn't SFX territory since it's in essence a teen slasher film, but we mention it today not just because Jason eventually goes on to get superhuman strength and invulnerability (before going into space and even fighting nightmare man Freddy Krueger) but also because the remake stars SFX favourites Jared Padalecki and Nana Visitor .

Item! And finally. Getting ready for Halloween? Need some sci-fi in your scary celebrations? Make Magazine shows us how to turn a pumpkin into a Cylon-themed lantern (via BoingBoing ).