Sunday Link-A-Mania

Four links from the last few days, to help keep you up to date:

Item! Our chums on Total Film report that a US District Court judge says 20th Century Fox "should prevail on crucial issues" in their dispute with Warner over who owns the rights to the Watchmen movie . Whoops. What does that mean for the distribution of the movie this March? Not sure, but that doesn't sound good...

Item! Singer Eartha Kitt, known to us as Catwoman in the 1960s Batman series, has passed away aged 81. Her career lasted six decades and spanned stage, TV and films. She took the role of Batman's alluring nemesis over from Julie Newmar and made it her own, but before that she'd already been called "the most exciting woman in the world" by Orson Welles. Kitt died on Christmas day, from cancer. More details at Variety .

Item! Empire is reporting that Bruce "John Sheridan" Boxleiter has definitely signed up to reprise his role as Tron in the forthcoming sequel, which is currently labouring under the unpronounceable title TR2N. Now the key man is in place, can we just all call it Tron 2 now please?

Item! A couple of new images of Terminator Salvation are doing the rounds. One shows Christian Bale's John Connor inspecting a robot arm - not a classic Terminator arm, something more industrial and grapple-like - while the second shows a person walking towards the wreckage of a plane at sunset. Enjoy!

More later. Carry on enjoying the holidays! Be seeing you...