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Seth MacFarlane's Ted gets a rude new poster


Ted , the live-action film debut from Family Guy / American Dad man Seth MacFarlane, has been gifted with a new poster, and it's unsurprisingly crude.

It's a simple enough image - teddy bear Ted's browsing an iMac-alike computer - but it's the innuendo-laden tagline that sells this as a MacFarlane product. Yup, 'Ted is coming.'

Filthy as it is, it could be a stroke of genius. Any kids or sensitive souls who see it in the foyer will interpret it, as 'Oh good, that cute bear is making his way to the cinema'.

Fans of MacFarlane's oeuvre, however, will read something entirely different into it. Just be thankful we can't see what's on his monitor.

Check out the Ted poster in full below:

And is it just us, or could the poster be taking a sly stab at this monstrosity from a couple of year's back...

Ted opens on 1 August 2012.