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Saturday Link-A-Mania

2012 Poster Art
The LA Times has the new poster art for Roland Emerich's latest version of the end of the world, 2012, plus a new movie still and news of a bizarre 2012 competition in which one of the prizes is to become "the honorary title Leader of the Post-2012 World".

Spielberg and Jackson Do The Thom(p)son Twins
A Spanishlanguage website has a nifty image of Tintin directors/producers Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson apparently doing an impression of Thomson and Thompson, the bumbling, bowler-hatted detectives from the Tintin stories. Are they doing some "method" directing, getting into character? Spielberg is directing the first film, while Jackson will direct the sequel. Click on the pic to see the full image.

Angel's Detective Joins Heroes
According to Elisabeth Röhm, who played Detective Kate Lockley in the early episodes of Angel, has been cast in Heroes. She'll be playing a character named Lauren Gilmore.

Green Hornet Set Pics
CrazyCritics has the first set pics from the big screen Green Hornet, which began filming last week. They show stars Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz and director Michel (Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind) Gondry, whose involvement makes you wonder if this is going to be a very different kind of superhero movie. It's due for release Christmas next year.