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Neill Blomkamp: My Life In Sci-Fi

Neill Blomkamp's latest sci-fi film, Chappie, is hitting cinemas this week.

The story of a police droid destined for the scrapheap who is given sentience by his creator, it contains themes that'll be familiar to Blomkamp fans, from the near-future Johannesburg setting, to the real-life political parallels. It also features the stylish VFX and bombastic action that are also part of his trademark style.

Total Film recently had an opportunity to sit down with the director for 'My Life In Sci-Fi', in which he explains the sci-fi films that have influenced him and shaped his life and work, as well as his favourite movie robot, alien, special effect and more.

Watch 'Neill Blomkamp: My Life In Sci-Fi' below:

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Chappie opens in cinemas in the UK and the US on 6 March 2015.